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Fic Roundup

All Fics I have posted on Livejournal, mostly on rayne_shippers.

General Fic
Chapter One (Link leads to Fanfiction.net due to not being able to locate it on Rayne Shippers)
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen

Stand alones

iTunes Shuffle fic 1, Simon/Kaylee Drabble

iTunes Shuffle fic 3, Zoe/Wash

He sees it in her eyes

B-Day Ficcage

Suddenly I see


Fault Lines

Something To Talk About

Don't You Forget About Me

Only Girl In The World"


Irrelevant idiot boy (Part 1)

Say my name again (Part 2)

My claim table for lover100

001.Romance. 002. Beauty. 003.Forgiveness. 004.Regret. 005. Discovery
006.First Meeting. 007.Hardest Truth. 008.Resolutions. 009.Anything. 010.Home.
011.Intimacy. 012.Self-Love. 013.Kisses. 014.Frustration. 015.Pressure.
016.Absurd. 017.Forbidden. 018.Honesty. 019.Grace. 020.Laughter.
021.Confidence. 022.Happiness. 023.Sexy. 024.Tears. 025.Growth.
026.Sensuality. 027.Faith. 028.Night. 029.Day. 030.Innocence.
031.Music. 032.Water. 033.Love. 034.Ambiguity. 035.Act.
036.Whew. 037.Anger. 038.Dirt. 039.Trust. 040.Heat.
041.Summer Love. 042.Patience. 043.Opportunity. 044.Death. 045.Passion.
046.Healing. 047.Life. 048.Joy. 049.Freedom. 050.Bliss.
051.Dreams. 052.Kinky. 053.Haunted. 054.Emergence. 055.Transmogrify.
056.Magnetic. 057.Surreal. 058.Passage. 059.Lush. 060.Could Have.
061.Would Have. 062.Should Have. 063.Hunger. 064.Need. 065.Want.
066.Take. 067.Have. 068.Mine. 069.Yours. 070.Lubricious.
071.Lugubrious. 072.Perspective. 073.Capering. 074.Empathy. 075.Sympathy.
076.Mirth. 077.Almost. 078.Always. 079.Surprise. 080.Warmth.
081.Heartache. 082.Ghosts. 083.Break-Up. 084.Make-Up. 085.Diary.
086.Voice. 087.Biggest Fear. 088.Warning. 089.Everything. 090.Nothing.
091.Failure. 092.Success. 093.Glimpse. 094.Sanctuary. 095.Picture.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.


iTunes Shuffle Day 2

iTunes Shuffle Day 5

Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore

iTunes Shuffle Day 7

Sam Winchester/Gabriel
In which Gabriel is a photographer and Sam is a model.

Two Sam/Gabriel Drabbles written in honor of my 400th post on Tumblr.

Tell me right now, baby

Apraxia only makes the heart grow finder (Minibang, associated art found in the link as well from pipariperho)

Rufus Rising (Minibang, art found Call me, Maybe

iTunes Shuffle Day 4

Chrysler Tower Series

Jo Harvelle/Balthazar
Shines Bright Like the Stars

Harry Potter (Beware, I wrote this mostly when I was in high school. Most of it sucked, except for this one about Fred and George that I wrote in high school and I *still* get favorite story notifications on. Also, all Harry/Ginny blah blah)

A Chance-a Susan Bones fic
A Day in the Life of Fred & George
Frost on the Window
Ron's Rose
Step Through the Darkness
To Feel
Unexpected Encounter
Who are YOU?

Pretty Wall of Shiny

Well, I know goddessofbirth and others have their man wall or woman wall.

I like both, so this is going to be a mix.Collapse )


iTunes Drabble, Day 7

Song: Smile (Cover of Charlie Chaplin)
Artist: Glee
Lyrics: Here
Fandom/etc: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jess

She first met Sam Winchester in freshman bio. Everyone had to take a science and she'd been lucky (hah) enough to get Bio with Professor Carthain her first semester. He was tall dark and broodily handsome. He didn't smile. She was determined to see the smile because she had a feeling it would be ogle worthy. So she sat near him, tried to learn all she could. One day about half way through the semester, he forgot a pen and she got to touch his finger tips. Sparks flew and Sam's lips quirked. So she flirted, teased and finally, finally, she got a smile out of him. It was better than she'd thought it would be.

iTunes Drabble, Day 5

Song (Hah): I just saw a creature
Artist: AWOLNation
Show: Supernatural
Pairing: Eh.
Characters: Dean, Castiel

I just saw...
Sort of... Gypsy..
Hippie lady...
With her daughter.
And uhh..
They were both carrying some sort of like...
That had a tail
That looked like wood
And I thought that they were carrying wood
But it turns it turns it out
It was some some sort of like creature
And I have no idea what it was..
It really blew my mind.

"Ok, thanks dude." Dean shuts off the voicemail and hands the phone back to the young grad student standing in front of him. "Here's our number. If you remember anything at all, just give us a call." He thrusts their business card into the man's hand and turns and walks back to the Impala in silence with Castiel.

"What do you think it is?" He turns to Cas who is, for once, sitting in the front seat. Sam's off daydreaming about whatever it is big giant girls daydream about in libraries, so it's just the two of them.

"I would have to take a look at the actual creature."

"What do you think happened to that guy?" Dean says carefully. The boy's been missing for a week and normally that wouldn't have hit their radars but Castiel had turned up and said there was something off in this town. So they'd driven straight there.

"I think his soul has passed to heaven but that his body isn't dead," Cas' voice is measured and Dean sighs.

"Y'know, for once I'd like to get a case that's just straight forward and easy to understand." He pulls out of the parking lot. They've got research to do.

iTunes Shuffle Day 4

Song: Waking up in Vegas
Artist: Katy Perry
Lyrics: here

Fandom/TV Show: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel

The first sign that something was wrong was that his head felt like it was full of gravel. The second sign was that he could barely hear anything without crying out in pain (although that only compounded the pain, unfortunately). The third was the heavy weight weighing on his bladder. The fourth was that he was fairly positive he wouldn't be able to move to relieve the bladder even if the heavy weight wasn't there.

The sixth problem came when he opened his eyes to find himself eyes to chest with the rather smooth muscles of a Sam Winchester. That was Sam's leg thrown over his bladder and oh. Well then. They'd obviously had a hell of a time.

Too bad he couldn't remember any of it.

Day 3 iTunes Music Shuffle Drabble

Song: Who Wants to Live Forever
Artist: Queen
Lyrics found here

Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Zoe/Wash

"I'm pregnant" The words spill out of her lips, cold, painful and hard. Dinner goes silent. She's staring at how her skin lightens around her knuckles as she clenches her fork. There's a sudden clatter and she sees, vaguely, River crawling under the big dinner table and coming back with her cup.

"I- Do you-" Kaylee starts and she looks up to see the girl biting her lip.

"It's ok, Kaylee." She summons up a smile that seems to satisfy the girl although Mal is still staring at her.

"Zoe, um. When you're ready-" Simon leans around Kaylee. "If you want- I'll check you out." And she wants that. She reminds herself of this because really, she wants the baby even though it's a reminder of what she lost. River is staring at her, wide eyed.

"You're afraid that Wash's" pain slices through her at the mention of his name "pole has reversed and that the fetus contains the same pole and that your poles won't attract anymore." River gets up and dumps her dish into the sink.

She walks back towards Zoe. "It's a false analogy," is all she says before floating out of the room.

"Your sister's still bonkers, Doc. Might want'a see to that." Jayne tears into the protein strip he'd had on his plate. Zoe sighs, pondering River's words.

iTunes Shuffle Day 2

Song: Crazy Love
Artist: Paul Simon
Album: Graceland
Lyrics: Found here

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Lisa Braeden

Spoilers: Through Season 6ish Kind of. You'll see.

Ben was growing so big. Everyone had warned her about it and she'd known, but experiencing it was something else completely. Still, there were days that he looked around as if there were something missing.

She couldn't find it in her heart to ask because honestly? She felt the same way. She salted her window sills at night and she couldn't tell you why. She sometimes double checked her peripheral vision, afraid that there was something there (there never was).

And honestly, if anyone asked about the year that Ben was eleven, she'd feel as if she were a third party watching herself answer. It was strange. She knew something was off but what it was, she didn't know. Like a wall in her mind that she'd been told not to scratch.

"Mom! Kyle's having people over to play video games, can I go?"

"Yeah sure, Sweetie. Just come home before curfew ok?"

"Ok mom. sure."

"Love you!" She calls as he bounds out the door and runs across the street. She ignores the large dark car as it rolls down the street. She ignores it until her brain hurts because she has a bathroom that needs to be cleaned and a yoga class that needs to be taught.
Following in ultra_fic and basched's footsteps, I'm attempting to do the month of iTunes shuffle drabbles.

First up? "Do you want to play" by Jewel

Pairing: Simon/Kaylee from Firefly

Simon's father always taught him that he had a reputation to maintain. After all, he was the Senator's son. He knows the difference between proper and naughty. He knows that dirt is bad. His mama scolded him.

He also knows that his mama sniffs every time they pass the cute little shop with the peeling sign as they drive him to school. But there's a cute little girl who sometimes plays outside of the shop and she's got a smudge of dirt on her nose.

Their car breaks down one day and as he's sitting there wondering how dirt could be so bad, the girl comes running up to him. "Hi! I'm Kaylee. Wanna play?" Simon stares at her for a minute before taking her hand and following her back to her jacks and sidewalk chalk.